Announcing prosemirror-tables-sections

Hello, I just published prosemirror-tables-sections, a module derived from prosemirror-tables that adds support for table’s caption, thead, tbody and tfoot.

Your feedback is welcome.


Great to see activity in this space. Thanks for publishing this!

very cool project. i’d appreciate it if you could deploy a static page for the demo!

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@marijn: the demo seems to work fine now, but I can’t compile the with builddocs (see build_readme script in package.json), could you give me some hints?

@intaek-h: do you know of sites that let you upload such a static page (something like codepen)?

@both: thank you for looking into my project.

I just published version 0.3.0 that lets you add/remove table head, foot and bodies.

The demo has been adapted to show the new features.

The core features are there; I could add commands to merge/split sections.

I need to update documentation and understand how to publish it as a npm package.

I published the package on npmjs as @massifrg/prosemirror-tables-sections.

Current version is 0.4.1.


There’s a new version (0.4.8) that adds commands to make a new table body, head or foot, out of the currently selected rows.

You don’t need to fully select the rows, the new section is made out of the rows touched by the selection.

The commands are makeBody, makeHead and makeFoot; they don’t alter the selection.

They’ve been added to the demo.

makeHead works only when you select the first rows, makeFoot only when you select the last ones. Both turn all the head or foot cells into header_cell (<th> in HTML).

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