Any one doing a word count mod?

Hi! Curious about this software. I’ve used CodeMirror and found it brilliant.

Is anyone working on a word count module for this?

How hard? Any initial thoughts on how this might be done?


And for the cool software, you rock!

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See this:

This is just very simple. There may be better ways to do this. It counts words for both footnotes and main content.

See my grammar demo Click on the analysis icon. In this case I am searching for 60 common issues found in writing. However, if you scroll to the last two comments and click on the ?, you will see the passive sentences and the stats including sentence, word and syllable count as well as Flesch and Flesch-Kincaid grade level similar to the Word analyzer. This uses the node modules text-stats, flesch, flesch-kincaid and passive-voice. This was inspired what by a @marijn demo.

Sounds great will give them them a look. Cheers, -C

Hi Pete! We are almost neighbors. =))) Pretty cool. =)))

The link above went to a widgets demo. Which is pretty cool! It’s late, I must have missed the grammar demo. Is there another link?

Thanks very much for the pointers!


Sorry, I fixed the link. Try again.

No worries. =) Just took a look, looks cool! =) Would you mind if I send you a quick note picking your brain on setting up a quick good way to edit and compile ProseMirror?

I do a lot of internet javascript, but not much development javascript, if you know what i mean and would be super cool to get some advice on a quick environment set up for editing and compiling.

Javascript’s not my native language. =) Although ES6 is coming more closer to it. =)))

I promise to be brief. =)

Cheers, -C

Feel free to contact me directly.