Any way to prevent the inline node (img) from rerender when join paragraph or split paragraph?

As we can see from the gif below: when split the paragraph by pressing [Enter] or join current paragraph with the paragraph above by pressing [BackSpace]. Is there a way to prevent the image from rerender?

2023-03-08 at 23.17

Is the delay due to a network request (check the network tab)? You might be able to get around it by converting it to a data url and putting that in the src.

Expanding on @CAYdenberg answer; I’ve been here before, and the problem may be exacerbated by the chromium dev-tools being open which by default prevents asset caching, but I may be wrong. Does the same happen without dev-tools open? There is also an option which controls this caching behavior while dev-tools is open. On the other hand, there may still be a split second moment where the image has 0 height (not sure)

Yepthe devtool prevent the assets caching. But my point was: could I reuse the image dom node to avoid recreate new DOM(img) which will do the src request. For img nodes, it’s actually fine to recreate cause the browser cache should work. But if the DOM here was a iframe node, it would be more cost to recreate it.