Anyone using ProseMirror in Laravel?

Hello, I’m in the R&D process of building out the rich text editor(s) component of my project built with Laravel. I’m currently using QuillJS as my WYSIWYG and it’s been great for my needs thusfar but now that I want to branch out and really dive in to modifying the behavior of the user interactions with the editor, I’ve reached a bottle neck. Researching ProseMirror, it seems like I’ve found the perfect candidate for my use case! However, when I looked at the basic example in the documentation I became a little disheartened as it seems node is necessary to get up and going with ProseMirror. I believe it’s possible to get an implementation running on Laravel but I am unsure of how and what the limitations might be. I am a very general programmer and have cut my teeth on client side javascript up until now but haven’t worked with node much before, all my server side skills have been php and python.

My questions then are:

Are you using ProseMirror in your Laravel app and how?


I’d like to dynamically create and destroy ProseMirror editor instances in my frontend depending on user action, is this something that is possible? I ask because of the implications of node being a server side runtime environment (again, I’m a newbie to this concept)


The answer is yes to both. I use ProseMirror in Laravel projects, you can create instances dynamically and attach them to anything and no, you don’t need node. Having said that, if you want to use gulp, webpack, Vue etc then that’s a different story. I spent a considerable amount of time adapting a Vue ProseMirror component to my needs. But no, you don’t need node.

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thank you! I took the leap and went ahead and implemented my basic text editor. It was easier than expected. I guess I got wrapped up in terminology.