Beginner's step-by-step for prosemirror-markdown?

I’m new to ProseMirror and node/npm, so not familiar with things like package.json and the Rollup bundler.

For CodeMirror, I worked with someone to create GitHub - MakeDeeply/web-codemirror-demo: a demo app (MIT license).

Is there a similar step-by-step guide to get prosemirror-markdown working locally? Or, is anyone interested in creating one? I’d be happy to pay something, and release the result as a similar repo.

Ideally include all modules that would be useful, e.g. things like track change.

The core elements are on ProseMirror markdown example but that (perhaps quite reasonably) assumes a certain level of knowledge on packaging/bundling and such.

npm - Building and Running ProseMirror - Stack Overflow covers some of that (including a 2023 comment) but wasn’t enough for me to get it working and to add markdown.