Besides the demos are there more examples?

Hi, I love the idea of prose mirror and am considering using it on the website that I’m now working on. I was wondering if, besides the demos, someone else has implemented it on a website and minds sharing the link. The demo’s on show case scenarios, but not an instance where multiple of the plugins are up and running together and for a purpose besides demonstrating the capabilities. Thanks!!

We’re using it for the editor in Nuclino and are really happy with it :slight_smile:

Not yet. There’s going to be a push to write more documentation and examples after the API stabilizes, which is what I’m focusing on right now.

Just checked out Nuclino, very nice. Cool idea too.

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Alright cool I’ll keep an eye out, if I end up using it I’ll make sure to link back, and write up a summary of how it went. Thankyou!

Nuclino is amazing looking. @kiejo did you end up writing your own ui or using the example setup?

Thanks! We’re using completely custom CSS and also have quite a few custom node types and plugins. But at the very base we started out with the example setup. We’re currently in the process of migrating to the latest ProseMirror version where we’ll be rendering the menus as React components. Does that answer your question?

Yes. Thank you very much.

Check out Fidus Writer – test server at Source code at

It’s still on Prosemirror 0.10, but it’s modified to use the json format of 0.12+ (we’ll update once we have more time for the editing component again – probably in a month or two). The pubpub apparently liked our python backend, so they forked it and turned it into Pub Pub James.

It would be great to have some examples on how to style / customize the menubar and how it interacts with the state of the editor. I’ve tried to dig into prosemirror-menu but it’s pretty overwhelming.

I am trying to setup a very basic editor with just heading, bold, em, italic, link, blockquote and an image upload. For me it was easy to grasp the functionality of the schema. But to understand the interactions between the menubar and the state are a pain. There are a lot of objects involved.

For now in my opinion ProseMirror could become one of the best open source WYSIWYM editors out there. I’ve tried a lot and a lot of them don’t feel as solid as ProseMirror.