Building tools for using prosemirror on mobile apps

It is still in the making but we are working on an OS for react native that will wrap webview with prosemirror and will handle all the communication between the webview and the native part, it also gives nice tools for developers to build rich-text editing exp that is aligned with the standard editors for mobile out there (gdocs, notion, dropbox paper etc) like custom keyboard and try to solve issues that come with that kind of webview/prosemirror setup

our half-bake doc:

and see a demo here:


Very interesting - thanks for sharing!

I wonder if it works on Android though? I understand that sort of custom keyboard-like layout is much harder to achieve on Android.

How/when are you thinking of open sourcing it? Are there specific considerations that will decide if you open source it?

thanks !

Yeah it is working for Android, custom keyboard for Android is challenging but it’s one of the things we feel should be part of that kind of project

It’s already out there: but still, in beta, we use it on production but haven’t got enough feedback yet from other developers, I believe we will see an alpha version soon

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Thanks for sharing! It really looks great!

We’re pretty late in the game to jump to 10tap at this point, but your toolbar looks so great. Is it possible for us to leverage the toolbar without installing 10tap as a whole? (even if we need to manually port the code to our editor rather than importing?)

I poked around the codebase but I couldn’t locate the toolbar logic, which got me wondering if it’s handled via native code?

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Hey sorry missed your message, yeah the toolbar is on the react-native side and use the EditorBridge for interact with the editor

The toolbar itself is here:

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