Call for help: project website design

Hi everybody. Right now, looks like a programmer designed it. It’s functional, but it looks kind of clunky. I want to run a bit of a marketing push when I release 1.0 in a few months, and at that point, it’d probably be really helpful if the website looks a little slicker.

I can probably manage to improve it a little myself, but design isn’t my profession, so I’m not very good at it. Is there anyone in the community that would be interested in helping out with this work? The main issue is coming up with a basic style that I can apply to the various pages that the website consists of, but concrete idea for arranging the content to improve user experience or make it look better are also welcome.


Hi marijn, What would be your ideal planning for this ?

I think 1.0 is at least two more months away, so in that timeframe.

Hey Marijn, I’m a designer at Atlassian working with Brad. I can help you out with some design. I’m sure we can do something real slick. How would you like to proceed? We can have a video call to kick things off, then I can spend some time on a few concepts and see what you reckon.

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@benjamin Great! Could you email me so that we can set up a call?

FWIW, it’s largely developers who land on the prosemirror page, and I must say that even in it’s current form I like it. It’s simple, functional, loads quickly, and provides a good summary right there. So perhaps it doesn’t need much of a change?

Thanks for the feedback. But I really do think there’s value in a professional-looking web presence. I know that I look at a project a little more skeptical when their website is ugly or unusable.

The website currently does indeed seem quite developer oriented; at this point that seems just fine but I can understand how it would scare the hell out of any non-developer within a few seconds.

I’ll do what I can to help contribute to any dev/design effort that may be required. I think once you hide the current front page behind a develop or resources sub-section and put the market speak out front and with a few demos that might help a bit towards your goal. Might I suggest subdomain for for dev resources and then everything on the front facing site be more oriented towards showcasing the product and marketing first and foremost.

Dunno if that works at all or might be quite obvious to you already