Cannot extend the markdown schema properly (missing list buttons in menu)

I am trying to extend the markdown schema but the resulting schema always lacks the list icons in the menu bar (using the example setup)

Using the default markdown schema, the result is as expected:

import { schema as markdownSchema } from 'prosemirror-markdown';


Extending the markdown schema but just reusing the nodes and marks (nothing removed or added), the list icons are missing:

import { schema as markdownSchema } from 'prosemirror-markdown';

const newSchema = new Schema({ nodes: markdownSchema.spec.nodes, marks: markdownSchema.spec.marks });


I am at lost where to check. Please help. Thanks

I’m guessing this is using example-setup. I can’t explain why this would happen… menu.js in example-setup checks for schema.nodes.bullet_list, which should be present if you just use the same set of nodes. Maybe check for newSchema.nodes.bullet_list, and if it’s not there, try to debug why not.

I ended up also playing around with the parser (tokenizer + tokens). Seems like the new extended schema also requires a new parser (although the tokens were just the same)