Cannot select/edit on custom nodes with Text content

I guess something is wrong with the way I try to define an Inline custom node with an editable text content child:

class Foo extends Inline {
  get matchDOMTag() {
    return { 'foo': dom => (false) }
  toDOM(node) {
    return ['div', {style:'background-color:yellow;'}, 0]

and then I add it to my schema:

const schema = new Schema({
  nodes: {
    doc: {type: Doc, content: 'block+'},
    paragraph: {type: Paragraph, content: 'inline<_>*', group: 'block'}, 
    foo: {type: Foo, content: "text<_>*", group: 'inline'},
  marks: {

My actual use case is a Figure with an editable figcaption, and there I face the same problem as in this simple example. The figures needs to be of type Inline, because they are CSS floating inside a paragraph. If I define my figure as type Block, then I can edit the text content. But then the figure cannot go anymore inside a paragraph.

Or can I explicitly allow paragraphs to accept figures as content (even it they extend Block class) ?

Another option of course is to edit the fig caption with a prompt dialog (when clicking on the figcaption node), but I would prefer to have the figcaption text editable directly.

Inline nodes that aren’t leaf nodes is something I’d like to support (see 114), but haven’t ever tested or worked on yet, so it’s likely still broken in a number of ways.

Ok, I am definitely interested in getting support for inline nodes with content. Until then I guess I need to make the content editable with a prompt dialog.