Can't upload same image twice

Hi, thanks for your work. It’s amazing.

I am facing the problem of uploading images. I am trying to upload the same image twice. When loading an image for the first time it’s load normal, but on all subsequent attempts to load the same image nothing happens. When you reload a page, you can upload it again. You can reproduce it here.


ProseMirror’s core library does not have anything related to uploading images in it, so I think you’re looking in the wrong place.

Not core library, but he might be right about an issue in that upload placeholder example you wrote as a plugin though (his link goes to upload image example.)

I dont think that example was intended to be ready for deployment though, @denys; if you want to examine the code, you might be able to figure out what’s wrong there yourself.

Sounds like you need to get a handle on the file input dom element and set element.value = null.