Chinese IME not work fine in Safari when use marks

Below are the reproduce step:

  1. open website in Safari 12.1.1 (14607., MacOS 10.14.5 (18F132)
  2. focus the editor, and clear all the content with cmd + a -> Delete
  3. click B button which means “Bold”
  4. use Chinese input method try to input some word
  5. see the result: some character are show in editor and the more u type, the more fast the character show.

here are the gif:

btw: not only the Bold, but emphasis or font-size, all of them has some problem

btw2: Suppose i have the html dom like this: “aaa<span>i’m the king</span>”, and cursor after “aaa” and before <span>, when input with chinese ime can trigger the bug too.

btw3: prosemirror in Safari have many bugs, above r just little of them…

The gif seems not upload successful, upload it again: bugs

Shall I put question in github instead of here?

Could you try installing prosemirror-view@1.9.14-prerelease and see if the mark issue is resolved by that one?

Please file individual issues on the bug trackers describing the problems you run into.

thx @marijn ,I test that version of prosemirror-view in Safari and chrome, and the bug has fixed, awesome! And as you say, Safari’s bug I will put in github to tracking easily, thx again! :smiley: