Chrome OS Keyboard Event.key is Unidentified

So, This is sort of a weird issue for me. Essentially the keysequence is CTRL + 2, and it has event.key = “Unidentified”.

I’m not really sure about what this is all about and why Chrome OS is doing this, nor is there any good information on it. Does anyone here have any ideas about what the deal is with Chrome Book/OS.

I don’t have access to a Chrome OS device, but if you could do a quick survey of keyCode and key properties that come up with different shift-combos (for the numbers, and also for punctuation of any of that yields Unidentified) I guess we could add a workaround for this.

I’ll get back to this. But, essentially, the Chrome book browser is called “Chrome OS” in the “About” section, and all the values for the keyboard Event are the same, the event.keyCode = “Digit1” etc.

I think its pretty much the same, except that one event is messed up.