Class constructor Selection cannot be invoked without 'new'

Please find the codesandbox link below . Once the table opens up try to do multi cell selection . You can see the table crashing . Looks to me that this is an issue with how the modules are exported . Can somebody help?

If you’re using ES5 code, you’ll want to either make sure you use the CommonJS modules (which are also compiled down) or set up some compile step to compile down the ProseMirror code. Unfortunately, ES6 classes (the ES module files in prosemirror are now ES6 code) can not be inherited from in ES5 code, and this error sounds like it’s caused by that.

Thanks Marijn , go it . There is a transpilation issue in the prosemirror-tables , i tried the fork of @trashpanda and it is working . I was wondering why the issue is not fixed by the maintainers of prosemirror-tables .

No one is maintaining that package at the moment.