Codemirror introduces extra spaces after autoFormat

Hi, in my ProseMirror editor I have a button which toggle the view to HTML view and the codemirror (5.54.0) is used to do that. I call as follows:

      cmInstance.setValue(editor.getHTML()); // init content
      // state.setValue(editor.view.dom.innerHTML); // init content

      // Format code
      const selectedRange = {
        from: cmInstance.getCursor(true),
        to: cmInstance.getCursor(false),

The problem is that once I try to go back to WYSIWYG view by calling

      const content = cmInstance.getValue();
      editor.commands.setContent(content, true);

there are extra whitespaces introduced. Here is the example:


Is there a unique way to solve this problem or I shouldn’t simply autoFormat the code but then for huge documents it will look very ugly

Doe sanyone have an idea what could I change?

Autoformat isn’t part of CodeMirror (it was a long time ago, but no longer), so I don’t expect you’ll find support for it here.

OK so let me elaborate a little bit more. The problem is that if I have for example this piece of content:

Then, when switching to CodeView mode, I have the following:

which is a single, completely unreadable line. I’m wondering how to produce some more readable output in such a way that when I go back to WYSIWYG mode, the content is properly parsed without any extra whitespaces introduced by possible formatting. Is there an easy solution for that or I would need to implement some kind of custom formatter?

Here is the way I create the CodeView in React

  useEffect(() => {
    if (!editor) return;
    if (isCodeViewMode && !cmInstance) {
      const codeView = editor.extensionManager.extensions.find(
        (e) => === 'code_view'
      if (codeView) {
        const { codemirror, codemirrorOptions } = codeView.options;
        if (codemirror) {
          // merge options
          const cmOptions = {
            readOnly: !editor.isEditable,
            theme: document.documentElement.classList.contains('dark')
              ? 'base16-dark'
              : 'default',

          let newCmInstance = codemirror.fromTextArea(

    if (isCodeViewMode && cmInstance) {
      cmInstance.setValue(editor.getHTML()); // init content

    } else {
      if (!cmInstance) return;
      const content = cmInstance.getValue();
      editor.commands.setContent(content, true);
      // Destroy code mirror
      const element =;
      element && element.remove && element.remove();
  }, [isCodeViewMode, cmInstance]);

any ideas?

@degel123 Did you happen to get this working?