Collab: performance issue when updating editor view with a large amount of steps

We are buidling a collaborative editor using Prosemirror and the collab module.

We are facing an issue, when the app receives a large amount of steps from the authority, it takes a long time to update the editor view, causing performance issues on our page.

Total steps: 3917 It takes around 2 to 3s until the view is updated

Would this be expected with this amount of steps? Should we consider batching the steps here?

 => Step.fromJSON(schema, step)),

Thanks in advance

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That’s a lot of steps! What’s the behavior/scenario that results in 4000 steps being received by a client at once?

The scenario that resulted in 4000 steps was one of the users applying bold to a long document. But we see this issue even with hundreds of steps

When I test this I get a time of around 30 milliseconds for calling receiveTransaction to create the transaction with 4000 steps, and another 5 milliseconds to dispatch it. What kind of steps are you using, and what code, precisely, is running in the operation you timed?