Configuration for strict CommonMark adherence?

I’m exploring ProseMirror, as I’m looking for an MD editor that strictly obeys CommonMark. I was looking at the ProseMirror friendly example, however, and I noticed that it is not possible to embed only a header in a list; i.e.,

* # Hi

, which should render as

  • Hi

instead renders as

  • Hi

This is in contrast to the behavior exhibited in the markdown-it demo and the CommonMark demo. (Instead, it seems that the ProseMirror example implementation forces the first member of a list item to be a paragraph.)

The configuration options seem powerful (and, frankly, confusing). I just wanted to know if this is a configurable behavior, if this is intentional, or if this is a bug. Thanks!

That should already work with prosemirror-markdown 1.11.1

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Thank you very much! I’ll try it tomorrow and respond only if it doesn’t work :grin: