Content: inline* trim empty spaces in custom tag node

Hello everyone!

Not sure where i’m doing wrong, but i have a custom node, that creates a span tag with attrs, and for some reason, the value of content set up as inline* makes the tag to trim the empty spaces, like this:


Any ideas or tips of what could be producing the trim?

Doesn’t look familiar. At which point is it being mangled? During the initial DOM parse?

I suppose? Not sure how i can determine that, i know that the set of the content of the editor is correct, it has the spaces but is lost at the parsing, as the resulted html by the editor doesn’t have the spaces. i’m using the tiptap flavor of prosemirror, and the node is extremely simple:

import { Node } from 'tiptap'

export default class span extends Node {

  get name() {
    return 'span'

  get schema() {
    return {
      attrs: {
        class: {
          default: 'wordElement'
        id: {
          default: null
        m: {
          default: 0
        s: {
          default: null
        e: {
          default: null
        value: {
          default: ''
      content: 'inline*',
      group: 'block',
      selectable: true,
      parseDOM: [{
        tag: 'span',
        getAttrs: dom => ({
          class: dom.getAttribute('class'),
          id: dom.getAttribute('id'),
          m: dom.getAttribute('m'),
          s: dom.getAttribute('s'),
          e: dom.getAttribute('e')
      toDOM: node => ['span', {
      class: node.attrs.class,
      m: node.attrs.m,
      s: node.attrs.s,
      e: node.attrs.e
    }, 0

For anyone who has a similar problem, i ended up replacing spaces with   and it worked out.