Content Widgets and Surveys

I created a proseMirror-widget project to demonstrate how ProseMirror can be used to embed a number of content widgets (media, spreadsheets etc.) into HTML and how survey questions can be easily created. It also shows an alternate way to implement modal dialogs to prompt for attributes including an upload dialog and validation. Feel free to use or modify the source in your own project.

We are looking at the possibility of integrating ProseMirror into ThinkSpace, an instructional website devoted to helping students learn to solve real-world problems. In addition to the capabilities above, ThinkSpace also supports student teams, making the collaborative features of ProseMirror quite attractive.

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@marijn I just upgraded the prosemirror-widgets project to include the new menu structure and parameter handling released 3 days ago.

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@peteb Do you have any plans to upgrade your widgets to use the current prosemirror version? It doesn’t seem to work with 0.17.0. It would be a very helpful example to learn how to customize prosemirror if it did.

Not at this point. After 0.7, huge changes happened in Prosemirror which made an upgrade difficult but understandable given its beta status. I monitor Prosemirror’s status daily and am impressed with the new functionality and may rewrite in the future.

ok, too bad. It was so far the most promising plugin that I found to help me getting started. is doing some pretty interesting work with custom schema is actually on prosemirror 0.17 though the demo-able version is still back on an older release.

I’m not a part of either organization but found them while looking for examples of what could be done with Marijn’s excellent work so far on ProseMirror.


Finally got that branch in master :grin: