Contractor Opportunity - Replace current editor + a couple extra features


We’re looking for a contractor to help us rip out our current text editor (Froala v3) and replace it with a homegrown (contractor grown?) prosemirror built editor. We had pretty good success writing a small codemirror component a while back for another part of our application, and Froala is currently failing in a variety of slow, painful ways.

You’d get support from our dev team along with a full detail of the extra little bits we’re looking for, as we have added a decent bit of custom functionality to Froala to support our customer use cases.

We don’t have a full expectation of how long this would take, and would love to hash that out with someone who has a better idea.

Either reply to this post or send me a dm and we’ll get chatting! We’ve had good experiences with contractors for Gradle and Postgres optimizations in the past so we’re looking to continue the trend.

Thank you!

Passed this to some of the good folks working on our open source editor based on ProseMirror ( Hopefully, they will contact you. We have replaced our Froala implementation with this editor for several reasons - first and foremost – what we needed from the editor required us to do a lot of HTML processing when using Froala (painful and slow to add new elements). ProseMirror completely changed that - providing structured information to work with - no HTML processing, and much, much easier to add in new data concepts around the data - which is important to our application. We created our implementation as both a standalone editor as well as a component - and there is a linked playground that opens 4 of these components into an Angular framework, even though the development of the ProseMirror and additions itself is React based (who says they couldn’t play nicely together?). So it provides a nice example of how to compontize the editor. We use it in commenting, “articles creation,” and sophisticated component-based document construction. The Firmusoft team we teamed with to help us develop this has become quite adept at ProseMirror, so they could probably be of help to you as well. They are using it in another product - so multi-uses keeps it more general. Thanks!

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Hey Ryan! I wrote you a DM.