Custom menu item class? More examples please

Eg: adding a menu item and custom command . Bonus if demos could be on jsbin or somewhere to tweak the example online.

There’s issues (#21, #20) open for some of this.

import {elt} from 'prosemirror/src/dom'
import {CommandSet} from 'prosemirror/src/edit'

class ed_upload_image {
  render (pm) {
    return elt('button', {}, 'Upload Image')

let commands = CommandSet.default.add({ed_upload_image})

I’m missing why the “Upload Image” button isn’t showing up in the menu. It works when I define the command as an object like this.

Edit: I see I’m not adding it to the menu group. How can I do that with the custom class?

CommandSet.add takes a CommandSpec, which that class most certainly isn’t.

You’ll want to add it directly to your menu, using, for example, the content property of your menuBar option.