Diff plugin

Is there a diff plugin for ProseMirror? I’d like to enable some users to edit my posts, but I’d like to accept their changes before they are published. To do this I’d like to get some kind of summary of what has changed (ideally in WYSIWYG style rather than plain text (node/html) where in green background is what they added and in red what they removed).

No ready-made solution exists for this. It is possible to distill some steps down to a set of changed ranges with prosemirror-changeset, and display those in a document as decorations (widgets for deleted text, inline styling for inserted text), but a bunch of custom code is needed for that.

You can use GitHub - chenyuncai/tiptap-track-change-extension

@marijn which library do you use on this forum to obtain the results as below, i.e. to compare two htmls and add classes on changed nodes? Can you say or not?

I have no idea. This forum is Discourse.