Disable Ctrl+Click

Hey @marijn, is there an easy bit of configuration to disable the Ctrl+Click behaviour of selecting the clicked node. Finding it too easy to accidentally delete content when clicking and pasting with Ctrl+V :slight_smile: If not I’m guessing this could be done somehow with handleClickOn? Any pointers would be appreciated.

I’m having this issue too, @mmason did you ever find a solution to this?

Not currently. In general, my position is still that you really want to give your users a way to select nodes, but I agree that having this baked in as unoverridable default behavior isn’t great.

You can, sort of, disable the behavior with a handleClick prop like this:

  handleClick(_view, _pos, event) {
    return /Mac/.test(navigator.platform) ? event.metaKey : event.ctrlKey

I.e. handleClick is run before the ctrl-click behavior, and if you return true from it it’ll suppress that. Does that help, or would you need a way to configure or disable the feature directly?