Disabling CSS


We’re implementing ProseMirror in our application and would like to remove the default CSS that comes with it. Is it possible to disable it and start writing our own CSS without overriding and using !important ?

Note to mention, we’re using the react library: https://github.com/tgecho/react-prosemirror


Which CSS are you referring to, exactly? In 0.8.0 only the very basic, essential rules are bundled with the core library, and if you need to override any of those you can do so with a few simple rules of your own.

We are using version 0.7.0 and yes I’m referring to the core CSS rules which I’m aware I can simply override, but was wondering if they can be disabled completely as I want the styles to be part of our sass build.


What is the advantage of having the styles in your build pipeline?