Do you have plan to make DOMSerializer work with nodeViews?

I am trying to reuse the editor to serializer markdown to html. (to speed up rending when the page has a a lot of editor ) But the default DOMSerializer just read schema. not include nodeviews and markviews.

Do you have plan to make DOMSerializer work with nodeViews? If not . can you give me some tips to do it

It doesn’t. Node views explicitly are dynamic in-editor elements, DOMSerializer just produces a single DOM structure. There is no need to use node views there.

But I need to do it. I have a problem. There’s a lot of (10-300) editor to render at the same time. I want to render first editor. and the other’s use the first editor’s DOMSerializer. But because I have some node view plugin like xmind, katex,mermaid (use react component). It’s not work now.

Is it possible to rewrite a DOMSerializer to do it myself?

You can just factor out the logic that renders your node in a separate function, call that in your node view constructor, and also create a DOMSerializer that uses it to render the node type.

Ok , I am going to detect all the nodeType names . if not in the blacklist. I will use the default DOMSerializer to render it. when i have time . I will to try to create a new DOMSerializer