Do you know PlateJS? What do you think about?


I’ve just discovered the PlateJS rich-text editor framework (for React).

As far as I understand, this framework is based on Slate framework, I already know this one and seems to be well known (see this result on forum: “slate”).

I saw the thread “Choosing between ProseMirror and Slate” but it’s from 2018, 6 years ago.

Questions :

  • Did you know PlateJS? If yes, what do you think about?
  • In your opinion, what are the differences between Slate and Prosemirror in 2024? (From a technical and community point of view).

I’d like to make it clear that my questions have no hidden motive. I have no desire to start a war between Slate and Prosemirror, and I don’t want to denigrate any project :hugs:.

Best regards,