Doc Loaded Capability

We need to know when the editor content has been loaded. We know when we push data to the editor, but we don’t know when it has completed it’s loading so that we can then perform actions on the text, like scrolling the correct paragraph into view. Today, we do that after we tell the editor to load text, we get control back, and we issue the command to scroll to a specific area, but the editor isn’t yet finished loading the doc, so it just swallows the request to scroll.

Is there any way with the interface that we have set up that once a document load has been issued, an event could occur that informs the containing application that the editor has finished loading its content? Thanks for considering!

@se-1979 You can try setTimeout

@Priestch Is that a reliable solution?

Creating an editor or changing its state is entirely synchronous, so this is not something that requires any further logic.