Does it's possible to avoid some step add to history?

I want avoid the focus and blur events trigged trs add to history, does it’s possible? Thanks.

What kind of transactions do focus and blur create? I don’t think they should be creating transactions, by default, and if you mean selection-change transactions, those don’t end up in the history anyway.

On gitter, I answered your question with: No. You can prevent changes from being added to the history when you make them, but not afterwards, and adding things to history without actually performing the changes doesn’t exist (though if you want to start an editor state with some history you can ‘replay’ those changes in the state when you create it, and they’ll be in the history) _

Thanks your reply, marijn. It’s a custom placeholder component, hidden when focus, and show when blur and no inputed content. I want remove the hidden and show again actions created transactions from history.