Does Prosemirror support RTL languages editing?

Hello there,

apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find anything with a quick search of “RTL”, “Right to left” or RTL locale names.

Some languages, such as Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic need to be aligned from Right To Left in the editing interface.

Does Prosemirror support something like that out of the box (I’m looking for a page similar to the CodeMirror one), via some kind of configuration? Or is it just a matter of assigning direction: rtl; to the ProseMirror element?

Thank you in advance!

ProseMirror interferes a lot less with the browser’s built-in editing behavior than CodeMirror, for precisely this reason—browsers implement direction handling pretty well, and it’s really hard to do better in a library. So yes, just using CSS direction should just work. I should note that none of the developers are intimately familiar with RTL writing, so this hasn’t been rigorously tested yet and you might run into quirks. Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

We will do and thank you very much for the promprt response–leaving presentational concerns to the browser and CSS is an idea that sounds solid.

Thank you!

Is there any progress of this ?

Do prosemirror already support both RTL and LTR ?

Thank you

What kind of progress are you waiting for? I stated earlier in the thread that it should be supported.

I am new in prosemirror. Is there any schema for both RTL and LTR that we can use ?

Thank you