Drag and drop block node into inline content

Using the prosemirror-drop-cursor plugin.

If I drag a node with group “inline” I can drag and drop it within a block and a drop cursor is displayed.

If I drag a node with groupe “block” I can only drag and drop it at the beginning or the end of a block. This is logical.

Now what if I would like to be able to drag and drop a node block in the middle of a paragraph so that we go from



splitparagraph droppedblock splitparagraph

Will I need to implement a dropcursor plugin myself for such a behavior ?

The drop cursor isn’t what controls actual drop behavior—it just shows a predictive cursor where the drop will happen. The drop handler in prosemirror-view does the actual insertion of the dropped content. You’d have to override handleDrop to make it behave differently (though then the drop cursor would also be out of sync with what the actual drop will do).