Duplicate use of selection JSON ID cell error


I’m trying to import from prosemirror-tables and prosemirror-utils, and saw the error message:

Duplicate use of selection JSON ID cell

There seems to be some naming conflict (cell)

But I don’t know the root cause and how to fix. any tips?

I’m not the only person who saw this:

The most likely cause is that you’re accidentally loading two different versions of prosemirror-tables, both of which are trying to register "cell" as identifying a cell selection in JSON output.

Thank you very much! Yes, this was exactly what happened. I used a local clone of the github repo first and imported from the src folder.

Then I decided to use the npm installed version, and forgot about the import from github clone.

when i use node v14.6.0, I will encounter this problem. But when I switched the node version to V14.17.0, and then deleted node_modules to re -NPM I, it was normal