Editor with just a checklist without menu

Hi, I am a starter here. Looking to build editors for some domain specific requirements. To start with, can I build one with just the editor with only support of check list… Nothing else… no paragraph. In case it is empty, a place holder can be displayed. As soon the the user types, it gets converted into a check list.

Thanks in advance.

Hi tushar! Welcome to the ProseMirror community!

If you’re just getting started, take a look at Tiptap, which is based on ProseMirror, but has more ready-to-use extensions. A checklist-only example can be found here:

You can combine that with the Placeholder extension:

If you want to go plain-ProseMirror, take a look at the source code of the Placeholder and TaskList/TaskItem extensions, probably helps to learn from them, too.

Hi, Thanks for pointing those out. I have checked them out. My only challenge is that tiptap examples are out of the box solutions are in either vue.js or react. I am looking at vanilla js samples to include in my existing application without making too many changes.

Regarding Placeholder - Can we have two or more placeholders in a single editor …

Sure! The documentation explains how to use it with Vanilla JavaScript, the linked example doesn’t use Vue/React besides for registering click handlers and the above linked Placeholder documentation page has information about passing a function for dynamic placeholders, instead of just using a string.