Emvi - a content structured and search centered collaborative wiki

Hi everyone!

We just released our knowledge management platform last sunday in beta. Emvi is a collaborative, content and search centered wiki for personal use, teams and organizations. The idea is to connect information by linking articles using mentions, tags and a powerful search engine instead of having a fixed and unflexible folder structure. You can check it out and create a free account at emvi.com. All Expert features (our paid plan) are free during beta and there will always be a free plan once we have implemented monetization.

Our article editor and collaboration server is based on Prosemirror. We have implemented quite a few plugins for file and image upload, mentions, inline and table menus and more. You can read about our future plans and improvements on our blog.

Propably interesting to you is how we store and render articles. Articles are stored in Prosemirrors schema model (json) and rendered using Golang. I’ve created a modul to define Prosemirror schemas in Go that can be used to render articles. We also parse and manipulate articles on our Go backend to remove dead links for example, cleanup uploads and translate mentions to the user preferred language. I plan to add more functionality to our Prosemirror Go module and replace our nodejs collaboration server. We might release it as an open source project on GitHub in the future.

If you have questions feel free to ask and I would love to hear your feedback!

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