Enter doesn’t work on Android

Hello guys, I’m faced with the fact that Enter doesn’t work on my Android mobile device (I can’t move the cursor to a new line). Has anyone encountered this problem? This problem does not exist on iOS

Which browser and which virtual keyboard are you using?

Google Chrome / Gboard

Odd. That works fine for me. Is it also broken on codemirror.net for you?

Yes in codemiror.net is working on my phone Could it be that my project does not have the latest version and therefore this bug may still occur?

“prosemirror-commands”: “1.3.1”, “prosemirror-history”: “1.3.0”, “prosemirror-inputrules”: “1.2.0”, “prosemirror-keymap”: “1.2.0”, “prosemirror-model”: “1.17.0”, “prosemirror-schema-basic”: “1.2.0”, “prosemirror-schema-list”: “1.2.2”, “prosemirror-state”: “1.4.2”, “prosemirror-tables”: “1.2.5”, “prosemirror-transform”: “1.5.0”, “prosemirror-view”: “1.24.1”,

In ios all good, but only in Android ((((