Enter in codeblock on Safari iOS deletes subsequent lines

Hello! This issue is related to this already reported issue which was fixed. The problem is that pressing enter in a code block will delete any subsequent lines in that block. It happens on iOS Safari reliably, not sure about other mobile browsers. This is the schema of the code block:

code_block: {
  content: "text*",
  marks: "",
  group: "block",
  code: true,
  defining: true,
  draggable: false,
  parseDOM: [{ tag: "pre", preserveWhitespace: "full" }],
  toDOM: () => ["pre", { spellcheck: "false" }, ["code", 0]],

This case doesn’t get picked up by the previous fix (code here) because the nodes added are code and text, neither of which meet the condition (code is an inline node).

Can anyone suggest a workaround or solution?