Epiphany editor (a notion clone)

Hello everyone,

I want to show you Epiphany, a notion-inspired editor.

Screen recording: ( https://youtu.be/_C0rpXXaETc )

Github (https://github.com/shi-yan/Epiphany)

This is my impulse build. I wanted to start a blog. Having used so many blogging platforms, I’m tired of migrating and losing content. I want to own my data and version control them. Although there are static site generators, I don’t think working on raw markdown files is a good writing experience. I, therefore, wanted to have a nice editor that has a focus on technical writing (good support for equations and references) and saves plain text files (I’m using the djot format) with a built-in static site generator.

I want to thank @marijn for all the timely answers to my questions. And also the BlockNote project ( https://github.com/YousefED/BlockNote) from which I learned a lot.

The workload of building this has grown way more than I estimated. I’m now exhausted. The current release contains a ton of bugs and is only barely usable. But I want to get the first version out. I have created so many abandoned projects, I hope this won’t become one of them. I will force myself to keep using it and improving it.

Some future directions to pursue include

  1. static site generator (not done in the current version)
  2. AI assistant using ChatGPT
  3. built-in version control and collaboration
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Nice. Mind that there’s already a Webkit browser based on GNOME with that name.