Epiphany just converted to ProseMirror

Hello @marijn ,

Thank you very much for ProseMirror! I’m making https://epiphany.pub , a tech blogging platform allowing embedded programs (in js and py), a mixture of Medium.com and Jupyter notebook. The website accepts markdown. The old editor was based on Monaco, but it’s too heavy and it’s not ideal to be used as a text editor. I just deployed the new markdown editor based on ProseMirror and inspirations I found in tiptap. I’m thinking open sourcing the core part of my website as a standalone editor.

I can’t implement this new editing experience without ProseMirror. There are still minor bugs I need to fix soon. They are mainly gap cursor related. For example, when a code block is the last block of an article, I can’t move the cursor to the very end of the article to add a new line, nor can I remove a code block by pressing “DEL”.

Monaco is still kept as the code editor. But I can’t wait to try the new CodeMirror.

Thanks again!

Great to hear! Thanks for posting.

Wow~ nice job.

It really gives me confidence on my choosing prosemirror to implement my own editor, as I am struggling with its so many concepts. :grinning:

Look forward for your open source project. I am sure I can learn a lot from it.

Wow that’s one slick site!

I’m in the same boat as @jiewuza, I think prosemirror fits my requirements best, but I’m definitely struggling with the learning curve atm

Look forward to learning from your open source project!

Thank you very much guys! I learned a lot from https://github.com/scrumpy/tiptap , I highly recommend it!

I’m actually using tiptap! It’s amazing!