Error when selecting text, this.dom.removeAttribute is not a function

Hey guys I’m regularly getting this error when dragging selecting text: This is the trace I’m getting, any ideas? image image image image image image

What is the relevant node view putting in its dom property? That should be an HTMLElement, which would have a removeAttribute method.

This is my dom and contentDom “paragraph” node, am I missing something? Both dom and contentDom are being set with HTMLElement instances

return ({ editor, getPos, node, HTMLAttributes, }) => {
      const dom = document.createElement("p")
      const content = document.createElement("div") = wideOrNarrow();

      const attributes = mergeAttributes(HTMLAttributes, {});
      content.setAttribute("id", attributes["data-uid"]);
      Object.entries(attributes).forEach(([key, value]) => dom.setAttribute(key, value));

      checkInteractionAndHideIfNeeded(editor, dom, getPos)

      return {
          contentDOM: content

That looks correct. Is the error something you can reproduce reliably? Could you take a look and see what kind of value this.dom holds when it happens?

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