Export ProsemirrorState to Microsoft Word (Docx)

Hi all, I wanted to show a package that we are developing at Curvenote that allows us to export from a ProseMirror document directly to a Microsoft Word, docx file: prosemirror-docx. It is early, but functional and would love help or suggestions on how to improve the library.

prosemirror-docx has a similar structure to prosemirror-markdown, with a DocxSerializerState object that you write to as you walk the document. It is a light wrapper around https://docx.js.org/, which is what is doing all of the heavy lifting for export. Right now prosemirror-docx is write only (i.e. can’t read from a word doc), and has most of the basic nodes covered.

As a bit of an example:

import { defaultDocxSerializer, writeDocx } from 'prosemirror-docx';
import { EditorState } from 'prosemirror-state';
import { writeFileSync } from 'fs'; // Or some other way to write a file

// Set up your prosemirror state/document as you normally do
const state = EditorState.create({ schema: mySchema });

// If there are images, we will need to preload the buffers
const opts = {
  getImageBuffer(src: string) {
    return anImageBuffer;

// Create a doc in memory, and then write it to disk
const wordDocument = defaultDocxSerializer.serialize(state.doc, opts);

writeDocx(wordDocument, (buffer) => {
  // This can be some other export if you are client-side
  writeFileSync('HelloWorld.docx', buffer);

We are using this to export from @curvenote/editor to word docs, but this library currently only has dependence on docx, prosemirror-model and buffer-image-size - and similar to prosemirror-markdown, the serialization schema can be edited externally.

Let me know if this is helpful, or what changes you would like to see in the library! Looking forward to feedback.


Very nice — I’m sure this’ll be useful to people already in its current form.

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Cool! Don’t use docx myself but if I will, I’ll definitely try this out. Off the top of my head I guess it’s the norm to release stuff as ES modules nowadays alongside CJS. But that’s bit of a nitpick.

Totally fair, would love to learn how to do that or review a PR!! :slight_smile: