Feature request: better error message for nodesBetween


so as I was using findDiffEnd in my plugin’s appendTransaction I did not fully understand which value to use from oldState.doc.content.findDiffEnd(newState.doc.content) as the to value for nodesBetween to only iterate over the changed content: newState.doc.nodesBetween(from, to ...

I was using the a value which is the end in the oldState.doc whereas b would be in the newState. Silly mistake but which was made a lot harder to detect as the appendTransaction would function fine when the changes weren’t done to the end of the doc. And when they where made eg I deleted the last paragraph, this error was thrown:

fragment.js:28 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'nodeSize')
    at Fragment.nodesBetween (fragment.js:28:1)
    at Node.nodesBetween (node.js:84:1)
    at Plugin.appendTransaction (persist.ts:22:1)
    at EditorState.applyTransaction (state.js:128:1)
    at EditorView.dispatchTransaction (subscribeToTransactions.ts:15:1)
    at EditorView.dispatch (index.js:399:1)
    at <anonymous>:3:15
    at <anonymous>:5:3

Which doesn’t say a whole lot what is going on. First I thought it was about duplicate imports but it simply is because I’m trying to iterate doc beyond its content size.

So could it be possible to have this method throw an error if the to is over this.content.length with a message like nodesBetween: 'to' over fragment's size or something?

EDIT: actually there were two bugs, the other with the findDiffEnd and the other using tr.doc.nodesBetween(fromA, toA ... instead of oldState.doc.nodesBetween(from, toA ... inside filterTransaction.

Checking inputs for validity tends to add quite a lot of verbosity and code size, so I try to be conservative with it.

Ok. It just is a bit too obscure error to understand immediately what is going wrong. Giving some direction that probably the ‘to’ is beyond fragment’s length would seem helpful. At least the error should now show up in Google results.