Find and Replace plugin

I created a plugin to handle find and replace in ProseMirror. It supports basic find and replace functionality as well as highlighting all matches in a document and updating display as document mutates.

It’s on npm as prosemirror-find-replace and github here. would love your feedback

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We should start some easy-to-browse repository of ProseMirror modules somewhere. The difficulty is that these, unless curated, tend to quickly accumulate unmaintained junk (and I certainly am not volunteering to curate).

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Yah, something like / would be awesome, but more work than I have time to do right now. I created for now, it seems like anyone is able to edit

I also put up to help as a starting point for others trying to build a plugin. I’ll make a separate posting so it gets exposure

Awesome, thanks for sharing!


I have been studying up on ProseMirror and have not found a resource to find plugins shared by others. I understand this post has aged a bit and I wanted to ask if a plugin resource was developed?



Right, unfortunately, searching npm is currently the only real way to find 3rd party plugins. And I’m not aware of search-replace existing yet. The logic to perform the replace would be pretty small, and the main complexity would be in the UI part—which probably explains why no reusable implementation has been published, because everybody tends to need custom UI integration so that the dialogs and such fit with the rest of their system.

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