[Freelance] Implementation with YJS

Hey guys,

Anyone has implement remirror(prosemirror) with yjs/mongodb( or any related key/value database) connected to an API for save the data ? We are experiment some issues with the implementation of this real time arquitecture. My team is looking for someone had work/deal with it to helps us, they will pay for it.

The main issue is the way we are sharing the data between yjs/database and our api/database.

Hey @cdsandoval!

My startup is working on a real time architecture for collaborative editing via OT. We’re taking a different approach than YJS (which uses CRDTs), but we think it’ll fit better with apps.

Here’s our first version, which is open source: https://github.com/benaubin/rails-collab.

We found it didn’t scale super well, as to get decent performance and scaling for collaborative editing, you want to keep documents in RAM to avoid having to serialize and deserialize them, which means you preferably want to keep have every client on a document connected to the same server. We’re building custom infrastructure for this, and are considering offering it as a service. It’ll likely be a few weeks until we’re ready to demo it, but would you be interested in being an early tester?

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Hey @cdsandoval,

I’m not available to freelance, but it might help looking at the y-websocket repository. You can set up a debounced callback to your own api, and the websocket will send you the data objects you want as a POST request.

You can then handle saving it to the database and manipulating it as you wish to.

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