Full-time & freelance work on open-source block editor

Hi all, we’re building an open-source block editor (with some similarities to Notion and Gutenberg in Wordpress).

We’re planning to use ProseMirror at the heart of this, and will be grappling with all kinds of fun multiplayer, performance and UX problems.

We’re an experienced group of engineers (my co-founder is Joel Spolsky, the creator of Stack Overflow and Trello) and are looking for high-energy, high-integrity, high-intelligence people to join us remotely or in-person, in either full-time employee or contract roles.

You can apply for this opportunity at HASH

If you have questions please email me at david@hash.ai

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Just a quick update on this: we’ve hired a couple of folks in this role, but are still recruiting!

We’re looking forward to open-sourcing. :slight_smile:

Just curious, where does a rich text editor fit into a product around modeling and simulation?

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Great question!

Block editing makes for a great means of semi-structured information capture – and we think can be made even better.

Programmable notebooks which support inline styling, rendering and code execution have, separately, been around for a while.

We’ll be sharing more soon :partying_face:

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Hi, @hash. I’m really interested in how/if prosemirror worked for your use case. I agree that block editing is a great way to capture semi-structured info, but have struggled with using prosemirror that way.

I know you mentioned possibly open-sourcing it, but before that, if you have been successful, could you please describe your approach.