Getting from and to from AddMarkStep and RemoveMarkStep

Hey there, I’m writing a plugin to add decorations to the bullet of listItem in a list. It’s very basic, it’ll get the color mark on the very first inline node it finds inside listItem then adds a NodeDecoration on the listItem which sets the color of bullet through style. Everything works on the init part where I set the initial decoration.

I’ve followed the documentation guide for doing this, however I’m a little bit confused. In the Ref docs, I can see that AddMarkStep and RemoveMarkStep are supposed to expose from and to positions. I need them because in the apply method of my plugin I intend to watch for changes in the marks to Add/Remove decorations on my bullet listItems. The thing is however that we’re using TS and the types don’t really expose from and to from these two extended classes of Step.

Check it out here:

I’ve tried watching these steps with step.getMap() by doing so:

const currDoc =[stepIndex + 1] || tr.doc
const currentStepMap = step.getMap()

currentStepMap.forEach((oldStart, oldEnd, newStart, newEnd) => {
  // Walk through changed nodes

But I guess this would only work with steps that actually change ranges in the document and not MarkSteps? So my question is if it’d be ok to directly access from and to from Step or maybe I should be listening to mark changes differently?

The types are out of date. You could submit a PR to DefinitelyTyped to fix them (same issue exists with other step classes, it seems).


Got it, thanks!