Getting images from clipboard pasted from Word on Windows

Hey all,

we are facing an issue with handling pastes of content with images from Word: on Windows, the DataTransfer does not include the images as separate items. Instead, they are stored as temporary files, and the HTML clipboard data will include links (<img src>) to those temp files. These files are of course not accessible from the web application. (On the Mac, the images are included properly as file items.)

I can’t think of a good way to get a hold of these images from our ProseMirror-based editor.

The only approach that I could find is quite horrific: extracting the image data from the text/rtf slice of the clipboard data. That seems to be how it works here: Word Copy-Paste |

Has anyone faced this issue and come up with a solution? Has anyone implemented the RTF method and would be willing to share a code snippet?

Thanks, Chris

I know this is digging up an old thread but did you ever have any breakthrough here?