handleDOMEvents.keypress doesn't fire

Is it expected that handleDOMEvents.keypress would not fire?

Is your browser firing keypress events (those have been deprecated for a long time)? Did you handle/preventDefault the keydown event (that will prevent keypress from firing)?

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Thanks for your reply @marijn!

I know they’re deprecated but some things are just really difficult to emulate with keyup and keydown.

I’m running Chrome 122 and indeed they do fire at the browser level.

It didn’t occur to me that preventDefault on keydown would prevent keypress.

I don’t know if it’s a valid test, but when I add an event listener with document.addEventListener('keypress, ...) and log out the event, defaultPrevented is false. I’m not sure if that runs before the editor’s keydown handlers?

But so ProseMirror should fire the events? If so, I’ll report back if I ever find the cause of the problem.