handleKeyDown sometimes not firing on backspace

I’m noticing that when my caret is in a particular place, pressing backspace does not trigger the commands in my keymap. I’ve switched to a fork of the prosemirror-keymap module and put print debugging in the handleKeyDown callback, and it’s not called.

The specific example is difficult to isolate from my codebase, so I thought I’d first ask if this is a known issue. If not, I’ll try to create a minimal example.

The caret position where this happens is inside a block that has content: 'heading block*', at the very start of that heading. Elsewhere backspace works fine.


This isn’t a know issue, except maybe on Chrome Android, where key events are generally unreliable. What browser are you getting this on, and are there uneditable DOM elements near the cursor when it happens?

Chrome and Safari on Mac, and no.

I should mention I’m using TipTap, so there’s a bunch of plugins installed. I’ve been slowly getting rid of my dependencies on TipTap, and am pretty much just down to the Vue support now. If this issue persists once I’ve got myself off TipTap entirely I’ll try to post a minimal repro.