Help to a newbie

Hello, as the topic said i’m a newbie to prosemirror and i’m a little confused about the use of it. Must i have nodejs to run it or i can run it as a normal editor like tinyMCE or CKeditor just linking to the .js libraries from an html doc?

1.- Is there an example of how to create a normal html with the basic editor to play around? I looked and the basic example posted at github but it seems to have only .js

2.- Is there a little tutorial to start from skratch?

Help! Thanks

I was lost getting started as well. Read up on ES6 modules. Once you got all that down you should be able to get up and running in no time.

Also, to expand on your questions:

  1. No. The easiest way to get a a simple text editor set up is through the basic example in the docs. Prosemirror is very modular. You pretty much have to put the whole thing together like IKEA furniture.

  2. read the docs

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Thanks Alzy!

I’ll take a loot at the info

Hi, if you still need some guidance:

Word of advice, you will want to use ES6 and have it transpiled. The reason is that you’ll inevitably want to customize your schema, plugins, add new nodes, add new commands, etc, and all of that is much easier when you can import things from ProseMirror.