Help wanted: Plugin to preserve transcript metadata

Hi ProseMirror community!

First off, I’m very impressed with ProseMirror. I’ve used it a few times over the past few years to implement basic editors, and each time the performance and flexibility has been just what I needed.

Now however, I’m working on a project that requires more advanced knowledge of managing document state. Given a transcript document, represented by a series of paragraphs (each with a “speaker” attribute) each containing a series of words (each with “start” and “end” timestamp attributes), I would like to allow a user to edit this document while preserving the timestamp metadata. From what I can tell, this involves some careful manipulation of document state as edits occur.

I’ve implemented an MVP of this that somewhat works, but I have other priorities and can’t dedicate as much time as I’d like to perfecting it.

I’m very happy to pay for some contract work to anyone that can help solve this.



I’m interested. What is the problem statement post MVP implementation (re: “somewhat works”)? As always, clearing defining what your expectations are would be the first step. I can see this particular implementation going one of a few ways.

careful manipulation of document state as edits occur

Meaning, your MVP is losing attributes or not correctly updating them as edits are made?