Help with evaluation

hi. I am looking for someone to help our organisation do an evaluation of our requirements for a scholarly editor and match these against ProseMirrors approach. We are seeking to understand if a transition to ProseMirror from our current technology choice is a good idea and what overhead we would incur.

We would be happy to commission someone in the community to undertake this evaluation for us…

Please feel free to email me if you can do this or know someone that might…

Many thanks!


Hey @adam, you may want to talk to @frederik who has been working on a (closed source) scholarly editor using ProseMirror who probably will understand all your requirements. As you know, there is also Fidus Writer, which I am working on, which is open source.

Any further suggestions from anyone welcome :slight_smile:

Hi @adam,

I’d be open to sharing our experience with ProseMirror (maybe a Skype call?). Maybe there is an opportunity for a collaboration.

Best Frederik

Sounds great @frederik …will message you direct